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Hope no else makes the same mistake we did!

"A year and a half ago we met with a representative from Lane Family. At that time we did not feel we should go on the Financial Plan program.

"Since that time we have refinanced our home and racked up more credit card debt. We should have followed their advice a year and a half ago.

"Thanks for still being here! We hope no one else will make the same mistake. Start your Financial Plan today!”

The Cruz Family
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It works. Guaranteed.
Our Guarantee begins with confidentiality and trust.
At Lane Family Financial, we are so confident in the Debt Elimination Plan we put together for you, that we're willing to back it up with our Money-Back Guarantee.

You see, if you allow us to pay the debts you told us about when we created your plan, your debts will be paid off exactly when and how it states in the plan.

Of course, if you add more debt or change the amount of your monthly payments into the Debt Elimination Plan, your results will be different.

But if nothing changes in your situation and for some crazy reason (which hasn't happened yet) we're not able to get you out of debt in the time frame given in your Debt Elimination Plan, we will promptly refund you every last cent of the enrollment fee you paid to execute your plan. No questions asked!
And we'll take it one step further...
Even if you have reasonable changes in your debts or payments, you will still save many thousands of dollars in interest in the time frame given on your Debt Elimination Plan or we will refund your enrollment fee as well.

So you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain! We've taken all the risk off of your shoulders and placed it squarely on ours! What can be more fair than that?

The RISK is all ours. The OPPORTUNITY…is all yours!
Need more proof it works?
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